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One left on the board?
Written by westward   
Friday, 30 January 2009 03:57

So, it looks like we picked up another commit last night. That puts us at 18 prep signees that will be showing up in the Fall. When you include the one spring signing already in school and three grayshirts enrolled now we are at 22 new scholarship players for this year. The limit is 25 and CPW has been talking about awarding some walk-on's with full rides this year. You have to figure he honors that commitment for about three guys at this point. We are obviously right up against the what is left?

. It seems like there is only one prep kid that is left as a high priority signing for us. That would be RB Carl Winston out of Cali who has narrowed to us and Colorado. He seems to a signing day decision that could go either way. There are also two JC's with offers out there from us. Brandon Rankin a stud DE and Josh Bellamy who is supposed to be a WR with speed/size (think Nakoa McElrath) and they both are likely Signing Day decisions as well. There is a lot of talk about Rankin likely unable to qualify so he might be a situation where we sign him and basically oversign because of the low likelihood of him getting into school. If he makes it then the staff goes back to one of the prep kids and asks him to grayshirt.


Unless there is a big surprise waiting for us on Signing Day I don't think you see more than 21 letters roll in. If you're looking for good news in recruiting over the weekend you should look for articles on a Winston, Bellamy or Rankin commit. Of course there is always the dream Bumpus scenario but that is pretty rare.

All in all, I think if you were actually able to have a frank conversation with this staff you have to believe that they would be ecstatic about this class with the one big miss a solid DT. Ricky TT "Boy" went to Boise JC like we thought. That's not a surprise given that he's living in  Boise and he's only been in the States for a year. You simply just don't know any better.

As fans, we should be absolutely ecstatic about this class. We cleaned house in Washington State and we were finished with our key guys so early we've even been focusing on 2010 recruits while on the road. There have been a few articles on early offers coming from us already. It should be an interesting fight in-state between Stick Sarkheisel and CPW next year.

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