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The WSU QB recruiting situation
Written by OpenToClose   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 10:08

One position that is really interesting to follow every year is the quarterback. You usually only see one QB taken every recruiting cycle and it's obviously the most high profile of positions. Traditionally, WSU has always recruited the position well because of the offense we run.


In 2009, WSU picked up Jeff Tuel over the Summer before his Senior season. It appears to have paid off as he's already a starter and in position to be a solid performer this season. In 2010, Connor Halliday committed a little bit later than Tuel and he proceeded to have a tremendous Senior season and was widely regarded as the second best QB prospect in the Northwest behind Jake Heaps.


It now looks as if our QB situation is finally healthy with two scholarship players 1-2 on the depth chart and with an incoming freshmen likely to redshirt. Of course, that's provided we don't have the disastrous offensive line performance of the past two years in which we see players continually injured because of sacks.


So, that brings us to 2011. What quarterback is at the top of our wish list today?


Let's take a look:



Cody Kessler- WSU offered Kessler early and it wasn't long before he rocketed out of our stratosphere. He's become a hot commodity that will likely play for a program along the lines of a USC or Texas. At this point, he's closer to Jimmy Clausen as far as recruiting status goes than Connor Halliday. A nod to the coaches for evaluating and offering him early but his likelihood of showing up to WSU is just about zero.


Jimmy Laughrea- Next in line was another California signal caller. Laughrea profiles nicely with a solid arm and natural leadership skills. Again, WSU was on him early with less prolific competition at this stage. Unfortunately, he decided to commit to Boise State recently. That takes the two early offer QB's off the board.


So, WSU has hedged a little bit by offering this guy:

Trent McKinney-  He's an all-purpose player out of Hawaii. He's playing QB for his high school team and he profiles as a potential college QB. He's a little shy of the height BCS teams would like to see but he's extremely athletic and could fit the Sturdy offense really nicely. Additionally, there has been talk of the Wildcat format at WSU and McKinney would be a natural fit as a run/pass QB.


Finally, there are some nice looking Washington State prospects (Justin Lane, Trey Wheeler, Tana Pritchard, and Logan Grindy)  that WSU may offer down the road or ask to show-up as a preferred walk-on like they did with David Gilbertson.


My guess is that you probably won't see any offers out to a new QB prospect until we get to the WSU football camp this Summer. Then you might see a new board of players after the staff has evaluated a few in person. Nevertheless, I'll hedge my bets. There is always the possibility of this staff offering someone shortly that we haven't heard of. After all, who knew about Cody Kessler back in February when Wullf and company offered him?

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Comments (2)
I like McKinney
1 Friday, 04 June 2010 15:51
He's pretty raw as a QB but he does definitely pass the athlete eye test. He's relatively short at 5-11-ish but he looks like he could in time develop into a Masoli type of QB. I could see them bringing in 2 QBs in this class.
Think you're right
2 Sunday, 06 June 2010 08:05
I think that McKinney is the QB version of Arthur Burns, Eric Oertel, and Cory Mackay. If they land him, they'll let him start at his preferred position but move him off if they think he's better at safety. That leads to your assumption.....two QB's are very possible in this class.

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