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A look at 2011 recruiting prospects for WSU
Written by EC Rules   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 22:01

The recruiting wars wait for no man. WSU already has 10+ offers out for 2011 and they've secured the commitments of two players in-state already. Over the past six years we've averaged just over six guys per class from the State of Washington.


The myth of "owning" the State of Washington for us to be successful should be put to rest. We have always flexed between 5-10 players from Washington. What we need to do is fill out about 1/3 of every class with players from the State of Washington. I think the WSU staff intuitively understand this and that's why they've worked hard to close down Spokane. The past three Wulff classes have averaged just over two players from Spokane. The formula starts to become simple. Close down Spokane then pick off a few more from around the State to get to your seven. This is the way Washington State recruiting has always worked. Interestingly, when we are trending positively in wins we uptick slightly to about 8-10 recruits from the State. When we are down we trend slightly lower.


That brings us to the 2011 recruiting class. History tells us that this coming season we will likely secure about six to seven recruits from Washington when signing day arrives. I've always thought it's a waste of time to spend energy fixated on players that we aren't going to get. So, I'll try something different. This is my wish list of nine players that I think we legitimately can "win" come Signing Day. That means no wasted time fixated on Austin Seferian-Jenkins or Kasen Williams. They simply aren't coming to WSU so let's focus on players that fit our program and Pullman.


Here we go:


1) Bishop Sankey (RB-Spokane)- Already committed to WSU. Sankey has all of the earmarks of being an Aaron Dunn type of recruit. Semi-national but locked down early. It's a given that Sankey is going to put up huge numbers this year in the Gonzaga Prep run-based offense. It will be interesting to see how "national" this kid goes in terms of attention. Make no mistake he is probably one of the Top Five backs on the West Coast in 2011. No matter who we get from Washington after this. Sankey will be our marquee in-state recruit and critical to keep committed.


2) Charlie Hopkins (TE-Spokane)- The second priority kid from Spokane. He's another Gonzaga Prep kid which is where Sankey goes to school and where Travis Long comes from. This kid measures out like a prototypical tackle or big tight end prospect. I'm sure Hopkins will be a priority for Wulff. Not much out of the kid so far so it's tough to tell if staying home is important to him.


3) Rahmel Dockery (WR-Tacoma)- This is a kid from Curtis High School which used to be a pipeline school for us back in the day. He's not real big but he's all quick twitch and lightning fast. The type of team speed we need to upgrade would come from this kid. He currently holds an offer from us that we threw his way a few months back. We went heavy on receiver in 2010 and it's likely we'll only take 2-3 next year. This kid would be near the top of the list. He would be a natural recruiting fit as a receiver out of Curtis. Coach Levenseller went to high school at Curtis and has long held ties to that program.


4) Max Hersey (TE-Tacoma)- Already committed to WSU. This kid goes to Curtis and he's also a WSU legacy. Great to have him in the fold early as he can work on Dockery and Cornelius Edison  all season. Possible that there are a few other possible Pac-10 players on the Curtis squad this season as well. He's kind of a tweener in size but could fill the role of a Jed Collins type player for us if he sticks on offense. He could also fill into a great guard or center.


5) Tana Pritchard (QB-Lakewood)- The name should sound familiar. His brother Tavita Pritchard played at Stanford and was a decent QB with long Cougar bloodlines. That includes both of them being the nephew of Coug great Jack Thompson. Their father also played for Washington State in the early 80's. Should be interesting to see if he's the State's top QB prospect in 2011 or if that will go to Trey Wheeler at Liberty (who could also be a Coug prospect.) The bloodlines and measurables make this kid a possibility at QB for WSU.


6) Evan Zeger (S-Issaquah)- A safety out of Skyline and is looking like he might be the top safety prospect in the State. Skyline has dumped plenty of players over to the Doggies but you can't discount Gino Simone working some magic. Should be interesting to see how recruitment of this kid develops over the Summer.


7) Julius Tevaga (DT-Everett)- His teammate (Taniela Tupou) is getting all of the attention. However, this kid could be a very solid defensive tackle prospect this Fall.


8) Alec Martin (DE-Wenatchee)- I don't know much about this kid but he's an Eastern Washington kid so if he's a D-I prospect he should be a priority for Wulff and staff.


9) Cornelius Edison (OT-Tacoma)- Another Curtis High School kid. Wulff went for a trio out of Pittsburg High this year and he might do the same next year at Curtis. This kid projects at either DT or OT right now but his best position might be at offensive guard.


So, there you have it. A list of nine players that are possibly WSU targets early in the recruiting season. Undoubtedly there will be more that make a huge leap their Senior year and WSU excels at grabbing those types of kids. There are actually several in-state kids that WSU has offered currently that I deliberately left off because I believe you'll see these kids fall off our radar as they focus on different schools. I'm talking about names like Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Kasen Williams, Dexter Charles, Jamaal Jones, and Taniela Tupou. Of course, you can expect to see lots of "interest" in WSU over the next couple of months from these players and the staff should continue to fight for these guys but realistically grabbing one of them would be a coup. The guys above represent what would be an excellent group of players at WSU. Just remember folks, the magic number is seven. Let the games begin!

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Comments (10)
Good stuff
1 Sunday, 07 February 2010 19:00
The comment of "That means no wasted time fixated on Austin Seferian-Jenkins or Kasen Williams. They simply aren't coming to WSU so let's focus on players that fit our program and Pullman." pretty much says it all. I agree Wulff/Staff should go after those "coup" type players but realistically they are headed somewhere else. Getting 7 of those players on your list and keeping Sankey in the fold would end up great. Hopefully the team can do some thing this season and simply become competitive. Good work.
Sankey update
2 Monday, 08 February 2010 14:44
EC Rules
Thanks BornCoug. Appreciate your comments on the blog. Interesting note. Sankey just got upgraded on Scout. He's gone to 4 stars and is now the #20 running back in the country. So, the question of "how national" he goes appears to be VERY national. The list only has two Cali kids and one Oregon running back in front of him. This kid will be the cornerstone of our class if we can hold on to him.
Agree on Sankey
3 Monday, 08 February 2010 17:32
He's a huge get this early in the process to go along with two solid classes already on campus. Getting Hopkins would also be a big get. I always thought when Price started to lock up the eastern Washington talent that it was huge. While Seattle is a priority you have to know pulling the best talent out of the area is tough unless you are going after a legacy kid or there is some sort of other tie to WSU. There is plenty of talent available but you have to get those d-1 eastern Washington kids. Along with California those kids are the foundation for success in my mind as well.
Sniff test
4 Tuesday, 09 February 2010 12:54
EC Rules
It's pretty funny. I'm thinking of putting an article together on a WSU "sniff test". Those would be the criteria to filter whether Scout or Rivals articles on prospects are fluff pieces or if they are legit possibilities for WSU. We are starting to see the Scout articles about players that are essentially a waste of time for WSU. Yes, they've offered and that's great but they don't pass the sniff test of legitimately looking at WSU. Dexter Charles and Ellis Henderson have been offered. I thought about including both those guys on the list. It just doesn't seem to pass that "test" for me. Ellis Henderson is in Vancouver and is a huge baseball prospect. Odds are he goes either the football/baseball route in college or goes straight to the pro's. What odds do you put on him being on the team in Pullman? Pretty low. Dexter Charles is another guy. Maybe I'm too skeptical but the guy has been a UW guy all his life and has been on campus unofficially several times already. He's going to be one of the top oline prospects in-state this year and is on the West Side. That one might be higher percentages for us but I just roll my eyes at these articles.
Think Lakes
5 Tuesday, 09 February 2010 18:18
Totally agree and among others the Lakes players (Potoae, Kearse, etc.) last year come to mind. WSU had absolutely no chance other than a mention or two in an early article. Wasn't there even at least one article mentioning Heaps and/or Scroggins? Then the many board posts follow hoping upon hope that we are in on these kids when we really do not have a chance. Wulff is going about things the right way with recruiting. Offer the Heaps or Scroggins of the year knowing they are probably out of reach all the while concentrating on a Conner Halliday. Then if a CJ Mizell falls in your lap you snap him up quietly just like what was done with Bumpus. We cannot ignore great talent as long as it isn't of the Randy Estes variety. The net has to be a lot bigger at WSU. On another note, WSU picked up a dline player named Xavier Cooper. He's a bit of a qualifying risk but he could very easily be the most athletic d-tackle prospect they have picked up the last 3 years. He is going to have to get stronger but he looks pretty impressive in camp video.
Perfect example
6 Wednesday, 10 February 2010 20:26
EC Rules
I can even recall the Cougfan article with the Lakes coach last Summer talking about how much the Lakes guys like WSU and that there is no preferential treatment for UW. How many Lakes guys did we pick-up? Anyways, no need to beat a dead horse I guess. I saw that about Xavier Cooper. Pretty interesting pick-up this late. Hopefully it's like the articles say. Big talent that Wisconsin and UCLA tried to get in on but it was too late as WSU stuck by him. Another interesting note on one of the players I wrote about above. Evan Zeger apparently moved to Las Vegas but might be back to Skyline in the Fall. He just got offered by UW. Interesting.
QB Recruits
7 Friday, 14 May 2010 17:51
Football Guy
You guys are crazy if you let Logan Grindy from Camas slip by.
Grindy vs Wheeler
8 Sunday, 16 May 2010 09:34
football fan
I've seen both play. Even though Liberty won last year's playoff vs Camas, Grindy is the better prospect. Quicker release, stronger arm, better feet, better overall athlete, 4.0 gpa. GQwest field Sept. 4 vs Timberline. Check him out-you'll see.
QB is open right now
9 Sunday, 16 May 2010 09:56
EC Rules
Thanks for the insight guys. Since we wrote this article it's pretty clear that Pritchard is not a WSU target. I haven't heard much on Grindy at all up to this point and Wheeler looks like he's in a holding pattern depending on how a couple of other out of state prospects pan out. It looks like the central target for WSU right now is Trent McKinney out of Hawaii. Measures out like a Jason Gesser type of player. It will be interesting to see if Grindy shoots up the chart as we get into August. Connor Halliday showed up just like that last year.
Logan Grindy
10 Wednesday, 19 May 2010 14:04
Big Fan
There are out of state D1 schools very interested in this kid.It wouldn't suprise me to see WSU let him slip right out from under their nose.

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