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The Geography of WSU Recruiting
Written by magic   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 08:21

The Seattle Times published a Google Map of the geographic location External link of all the WSU and UW commitments. One look at that map and its obvious to see how the strategies and networking connections of the two schools differ.

Everyone knows the Cougs cleaned up in the Bay Area and locked down Spokane recruits. It is almost reminiscent of the pipeline that WSU fans thought was developing under Bill Doba from Texas.

But why?  Looking at the heavy Los Angeles draw from Huskies, it seems apparent that Sarkisian heavily relied on his existing network from his USC days, and left the rest of California untouched.

So, Paul Wulff had his staff emphasize the Bay Area knowing that Sarkesian would be spending his efforts in LA.  If Wulff can establish a pipeline in the Bay Area to compete with Sark's pipeline in LA for the recruits which want to go out of state, we could see a two-sided geographic distribution like this for several years.

And the Bay Area is perfect for Wulff and WSU.

The two local Pac-10 schools, Stanford and Cal, are both excellent programs-- but they are also more demanding academically.  That means that there's more talent which is likely to not have access into Stanford or Cal that might have an easier time at other Pac-10 schools.

Also, for a player who wants to get away from home a bit, maybe to grow up some, get the college experience, or just stretch his legs out of the reach of Mom and Dad, the Washington schools have got to appeal more to those in NorCal than moving in-state to LA or a closer north to Eugene or Corvallis.

Of course Wulff and WSU will still have to compete with the rest of the Pac-10, Mountain West, and WAC schools for recruits.  But by emphasizing the Bay Area with the knowledge that UW would be emphasizing LA, Wulff's strategy at least eliminated some competition from his in-state rival, a school which to some California recruits might have similar geographic appeal despite their vast differences in locale.



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Comments (2)
Really good point
1 Friday, 05 February 2010 07:23
EC Rules
I think there are a couple of other things working in favor of what you're talking about as well. One, Chris Ball is the Bay Area recruiting coordinator. He's proving to be our best recruiter and played a hand in each of the guy's we picked up down there this year. Two, you've got Wulff from Sacramento so he can sell success on making that move to Pullman for these guys and he probably knows the coaches very well. Should be interesting to see if we see the same level of success in mining this area in 2010-2011. Without question it was the most important region we had this year.
2 Monday, 28 November 2011 00:47
Spell loser with the letter "u" like the letter in the name Wulff.

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