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23 and done! A few surprises along the way....
Written by EC Rules   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 12:52

We'll have a full summary later today on the 23 signees but there are a couple of surprises to the class that we want to talk about immediately. The biggest one is C.J. Mizel. We broke this name for you on Tuesday as someone that was kept very quiet but a likely late arrival.


Here are the details! 


C.J. Mizel- A really intriguing signing. He's got some red flags. Academic risk as he fell short of qualification last year when he signed with Florida State. He's also had some legal issues that kept him from playing football in Georgia. The word is that he was looking for a place to extricate himself from bad influences locally. The upside on this guy is HUGE. Both big scouting services had him among the Top 25 linebackers in the country last year and Scout had him as high as #5. He's got size and speed to burn. The guy measures out like a Mark Fields type of player. He's the only listed true linebacker in this class and he's one of the most talented guys in the class in terms of raw ability. It will be an interesting storyline to watch all Spring to see when he makes it to campus and if the academic hurdles are truly cleared or if this is more of a Brandon Rankin/Quayshawne Buckley scenario.


Devontae Butler-Booker- This is the replacement for Adonis Smith. Smith de-committed last week and went to Northwestern. He's got some academic risk and that might have had several schools back off of him. His high school numbers are off the charts and he's a reputed hard worker so hopefully he turns out to be something a little more than a depth guy.


Maxx Forde- This is a bit of a surprise. Forde went to Idaho at the last minute. He thins out the line depth we have in this class. He's always seemed to be a very laid back kid and lukewarm on the recruiting process. It will be interesting to see if he pans out over the next couple of years or if football is a hobby rather than a passion for him. He's got prototypical guard body and athleticism so the potential is there to dominate the WAC if he wants it.


In my mind, Forde and Booker cancel each other out a bit in terms of upside. The Mizel signing is a wild card. If he's qualified and on campus by Summer this could be an incredible late signing for us. Our total is at 23 with the mid-year transfers and it looks like the staff might be fishing for a few more (read: Julious Moore) in the coming weeks. It's a really good class overall and we just missed on making it stellar by losing out on Cleveland, Goggins and Dargan in the end. Full wrap-up coming later today!


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