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What is Wrong with the WSU Offense
Written by teamster   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 18:16


After two games, it appears that WSU offense is fundamentally broken. Β Why?


1) Audibles. Β There have been times this season when it appears that Tuel was in position to make a play with the right playcall, but hasn't. Β The pre-snap progression on every play should involve the potential to check down. Tuel seems to get a handful of those opportunities a game and that handcuffs him.

Could it be that Tuel has been instructed not to call audibles? Β If so, at some point the coaches/Sturdy have to take the training wheels off and let him go.

Price never had any sort of limitation on his QB's, nor does any other major college football program I'm aware of. Β Price always would allow his QBs to run through progressions and check when they see fit. The QB is the one seeing the field in real-time.

If they really don't let Tuel call audibles, that's just ridiculous and needs to be corrected immediately.

2) The offense installation is broken. Β Knowing Sturdy's background, it's hard to comprehend-- I just don't get it why it's not working.

Sturdy was a pretty good Head Coach at NAIA St. Ambrose.Β  I know, it's NAIA.Β  But, at least to some degree, football is football, right?Β  Wulff hires him to be EWU's OC in 2007.Β  They immediately install the no-huddle offense and it works like gangbusters.Β  EWU averaged 33.6 points per game that season, while finishing 9-4.Β  And it's not like they were a veteran team.Β  The starting QB, top two WRs and starting TE were all sophomores...and they picked up the system no problem.Β Β 

Granted, two of those four I mentioned were in NFL camps this summer and another one would have been, if he hadn't blown out his achilles.Β  But still, it begs the question - why haven't our guys been able to pick the system up like those guys did?Β  Are our players just dumber?Β  Is there really that much difference in football style between Div. I-A and I-AA?

I'd have to say no to that.


3) Execution

The difference in levels of college football, outside of the physical stuff, is the execution. It's clear that our staff, to date, has not been able to coach execution - whether its taking care of the ball, tackling, whatever.

These guys even have trouble with clock management. If players are coming out too tight for example, it's on the coaches to get them loose. They are completely unwilling to adjust their systems based on what we have or what they see, and its complete horseshit.Β Β Just because it's not in the packages you had for that game, doesn't mean it won't work. It really feels like each member of the staff is so bullheaded and so unwilling to adjust, that they'd rather stay the course and get their ass handed to them than try something new.

What's the saying? The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

Well, we're there.

Figure it out.


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Comments (11)
Right on, almost...
1 Thursday, 16 September 2010 18:51
Pretty much word for word what I have written to fellow fans and on other message boards. I noticed early in the first year the coaches would not make in-game adjustments which, to me, is ludicrous! How do you expect to compete? Where I disagree with you is Sturdy. He's clearly over matched. It's obvious in planning, executing and more so during the game. I'm waiting for Tuel to get destroyed again and miss more games because Sturdy won't account for additional rushers and our QB gets clobbered on every pass. He is no where close to matching up with Pac-10 coordinators.
Disagree on one point
2 Friday, 17 September 2010 12:01
Jeff Nusser
"Is there really that much difference in football style between Div. I-A and I-AA? I'd have to say no to that." Actually, Dennis Erickson said there was actually quite a difference when he came to WSU. Speed on defense makes a big different in terms of what you can do on offense, REGARDLESS of your speed on offense. It's why no one in the NFL runs an Air Raid, Run And Shoot or wishbone offense. Sturdy is really not a good offensive coordinator. That much has become plainly obvious.
3 Sunday, 19 September 2010 20:47
Robert Menaul
I have no opinion about coach Sturdy. I have an observation on the team's progress. The Cougs are improving on both sides of the ball each game. A couple bad penalties and one or two missed passes and we could have won in Texas. The ground game is lagging behind the passing game. The pass protection is improved over last year. We have lots of depth at wide receiver. Defense is getting better and deeper and quicker. We struggled at Okla. State, but that is a very good offensive team. Qualilty QB and RB. I think we are on the right track.
Progress but not enough
4 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:14
When Montgomery was injured last year it took away our only true offensive weapon. It really is amazing he is back on the field but he hasn't regained his burst yet. Galvin could have answered the call but we know what happened there. When you cannot run it limits what you can do. When you are still struggling to protect you have a recipe for Tuel getting killed dead. I also don't necessarily agree that there is depth at receiver. Karstetter is really a solid complimentary player similar to Scott Lunde and no, I’m not just saying that because they both happen to be white. Both caught the ball but just don’t have the superior athletic ability to make a lot of plays after the catch. Thing is, Lunde had Devard Darling, Sammy Moore, and Jonathon Smith around him and a senior QB in Kegel. Karstetter has Blackledge, Solomon, and first year Wilson and Barton and a true soph Tuel throwing it. It's tougher than it looks to call a game with all the pieces still coming together. I don’t know if I totally agree that all of Price’s QBs were always allowed total freedom. Maybe the best but I don’t know about the years we had Deeds, DeGreiner, or Menke behind center. I do agree that Tuel needs to be given the chance to check out of bad plays. They either need to go to the no-huddle exclusively to give the sideline the control to call the play after seeing the defense or let him go. I think they have the talent on offense to make it work. Tuel/Halliday, Galvin, Wilson/Barton/Karstetter/hopefully Williams. If they can continue to grow the OL with the JC OT, Fullington, Reitnoeur, etc., then maybe they can actually use the TE's they have in Lintz (who looks pretty athletic for a TE), Dunn, and Stormo. This is still a young group even next year as much as it pains me to say "we are still young" and that maybe we need to wait until next year. It's game 5 though, I still believe things can turn around. They need to bottle that first drive against SC though and learn from some of the mistakes.
Apology to Karstetter
5 Tuesday, 05 October 2010 20:29
Well, Karstetter sure seemed to not have any problem getting behind UCLAs secondary. The receivers in general were just good. While I think Wilson opens it up for the entire pass offense, most of the receivers have been mostly good. Solomon has the only glaring drops but he's ha a lot of big plays as well
6 Monday, 17 January 2011 05:11
Looks like a good team to follow
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