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Our Top Five Freshmen for the Fall
Written by OpenToClose   
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 15:50

Now that we are past Spring drills it's time to focus on the Summer and Fall. Much has been made of the incoming recruiting class and their ability to possibly help immediately. Particularly prominent has been the wide receiver position as it only has four scholarship players currently. Out of necessity, the new guys are going to have to play next year. In that spirit, we've put together the top five recruits that we need to help immediately. This is not meant to stack rank talent. It's meant to put together the puzzle of the position they play and the need there, the skillset they reportedly bring, and if they are physically ready to handle reps in the Pac-10.


I'm not including Wad Jacobson, David Gonzales, or Brandon Rankin in the list as we've already seen them filter into the roster this Spring.


Hit the read more button to read on who we think you should keep an eye on early:


1) Isiah Barton (Wide Receiver): The guy measures out like a clone of Sammy Moore. Barton is listed at 6'1" and 190 pounds with a 4.40 forty. Moore was listed at 6'0" and 180 pounds with a 4.40 forty. It just so happens that we could badly use a Sammy Moore type of player at receiver. Right now, we have four possession first guys without gamebreaking speed. If Barton turns out to be a player that can make guys miss then it will do more for our offense than additions to any other position.   I don't think Barton will turn out to be the best receiver in this class but he might be the guy most equipped to help quickest and with a skillset that is different than what we currently have. Unfortunately, I'm also a little skeptical based solely on the fact that this is a guy that was signed very late without any interest from a BCS school other than WSU. Hopefully that's an indication of the staff's ability to uncover gems in areas undiscovered and not an indication of Barton's true skills.


2) Marquess Wilson (Wide Receiver): This is the guy that gets my vote to be the best receiver to come out of this class eventually. I'm intrigued by Kristoff Williams as well simply because what I saw on film was that he was a freak physically but I question whether he will be a receiver or pass receiving tight end and he's not a guy that will stretch the field which is what we need. So, I'll go with Wilson. He's smooth and with long strides. Seems to be steady catching the ball and has the frame to create match-up problems for a lot of corners. Frankly, we have to get lucky for him to come in immediately ready to contribute at a high-level but if he can….it would change the complexion of our receiving corps entirely.


3) Rickey Galvin (Running Back): What you saw this Spring is exactly why you should be hoping that Rickey Galvin comes in and pulls a Quizz Rodgers. Injuries and marginal talent lead to everyone talking about a guy like Chantz Staden. I would love nothing more than to be totally wrong about Staden's abilities this season. I would love it if he became a upper level Pac-10 running back….I just don't see it. He's a tweener sort of running back without one great attribute. When WSU is fully functioning he would get about as many reps as John Tippins used to get when he played. A depth guy that pushes others and is capable of helping in spurts. Placing our hopes on his ability to carry the rock 25 times a game is scary. Winston, Mitz, and Richmond really didn't step-up to own that spot even this Spring and that turns our attention to Galvin or James Montgomery. The positive view is that of the six running backs you would figure that two will shine and play well for us. Maybe Galvin is that guy.


4) C.J. Mizell (Outside Linebacker): I have to be honest. Linebacker is starting to shape up pretty nicely. I'm just damned excited to see what this guy is all about. If he is able to wrestle away a starting spot it's not going to be out of desperation, it's going to be because he is just that talented. He brings the hype and pedigree and he's supposedly going to be in Pullman over the Summer which is great. If he's a true sideline to sideline attacking linebacker it would be the first we've seen of that kind in a long time.


5) Aaron Dunn (Tight End): This is another spot where our success at this spot will depend on whether or not Aaron Dunn can play right away. We've got adequate players at tight end and several of them. None of them really bring the dimension of pass catching that Dunn will eventually bring to the table so you might see him play in certain situations this year to make our offense a bit more dangerous. It should be interesting to see how well he acclimates to a season of playing Pac-10 football in the trenches. This is the spot I would have put Asante Cleveland but Aaron Dunn is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. He could turn out to be the more complete tight end when all is said and done. Ideally Dunn would redshirt this season so it will be interesting to see whether he will play this year.


In truth, the big players we needed to come in immediately and help arrived in January. Wade Jacobson, David Gonzales, and Brandon Rankin have been absolutely huge for the program. They all have immediately wrestled away starting spots or are in position to do so this Fall. The fact that they all got a set of Spring practices in before starting their eligibility clock can't be understated. If you combine those three JC guys and the first three guys on this list and you likely have the group that really must help early for us to be successful this season.

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Comments (9)
1 Saturday, 08 May 2010 12:32
I'm really excited to see what this kid can do. Honestly, if Bland isn't 100% ready to go, I think we could afford to redshirt him this year. The talent at the LB position is looking pretty solid.
Mizzel #1
2 Sunday, 09 May 2010 10:47
We definitely need Barton to be one of the better newcomers. I see Ratliff and Williams the early bigger impact incoming freshmen receivers but agree that Wilson exceeds both. He's looks raw but could turn into a Mylton Wynn type of player in time. I am really excited to see him in a couple years. Cooper and Pole are 2 others I would watch for along with Bucannon at safety or potentially linebacker. Good stuff.
Who is the last recruit you've been this excited about?
3 Monday, 10 May 2010 09:23
Everyone is all about C.J. Mizell. I'm the same way. Is it because he was a totally under the radar guy? I have to say, the last time there has been this much interest for a recruit it was probably Michael Bumpus. He arrived the same way....under the radar, signing day guy. With the way this staff believes in redshirts and the depth we have at outside linebacker, I just have a tough time seeing how Mizell gets onto the field. Although, I could be saying something completely different by week 2 in August. They moved Bland inside already and it looks like they are pushing Kaufusi to a dend hybrid. Looks like there is a crack for Mizell to push through if he is as advertised. All we'd really need to see is one or two injuries out there and he's going to be in the two-deep if the hype matches the skill. I'm also now officially worried about Louis Bland. I'm starting to wonder if this is going to be a Mark Hedeen (yeah, that's right....I just referenced Mark Hedeen) situation where he just won't be able to stay healthy enough to stay on the field. I would love to see him get a redshirt year if that's humanly possible. Let that knee heal up proper and give him a chance to get to about 225-230 so he has a better chance of holding up over the season. BornCoug, I'm willing to bet money that Kristoff Williams is going to be referenced early and often as one of the "surprises" of Fall camp. Kid just looks physically ready to play and is aggressive. I think he's going to look good in practice as well against our defense which is still slightly undersized and youthful. I think you're right about Toni Pole but only if we sustain an injury at dtackle. I think the staff likes a rotation of Wolfgramm, Rankin, Clayton, and Laurenzi....then you possibly have Hoffart taking a few turns down there as well. I would think injury would be the only way Bucannon sees the field this year as well. We are totally stacked at safety. I have higher hopes for Wilson than Mylton Wynn (nice pull on his name by the way). I'm hoping we are looking at a ceiling of Nian Taylor or Devard Darling by the time he's a Junior/Senior.
4 Monday, 10 May 2010 09:52
For the records, Tippins was awesome at goal line and short yardage carries. But it is true that a Tippins-type player should not be getting more than 5-8 carries a game to be consistently successful. Mizell is such an intriguing recruit. Huge resume and lots of hype...if he lives up to 3/4 of it we will have a stud. On paper, Barton looks to be the only dude who can be a game-breaker for the Cougs. If the offense continues to run the bubble screens then Barton seems to fit that type of play well.
Mizell plays next year
5 Monday, 10 May 2010 21:00
I would say the only way he doesn't play is if he comes in to fall camp in terrible shape. I know the position actually has some depth but Mizell has game changing talent potential. Bumpus is probably a good comparison point. Open, I agree with you that Pole, Cooper, and Bucannon probably will not play next year. If they did they would be deep backups. I didn't mean to make that jump. I think they are in the Wilson category of players that will eventually become the best talents in this class. I don't see any one of them being ready to go although I guess you never know. I like the list though including Galvin.
Incoming D men
6 Monday, 28 June 2010 12:37
I think that if cooper gets his academic stuff cleared he could be a key addition to this defensive line. As well as pole. From what I've seen in the spring camp the Dline did not look like it had a stable grouped that could get it done. If Pole and Cooper are hungary they can take somebodys job. Seniors or not, we have to put the best out there too win games!
Top five
7 Thursday, 01 July 2010 17:33
Hey guys, good stuff. I too see Wilson in time being great. He will need about 20 pounds to make him great. This year, I see Williams playing and Ratliff might. I want to see Ratliff at practice. I think he may have more in the tank that we don't know about. I really hope so.
Kristoff Williams is intriguing
8 Saturday, 03 July 2010 10:36
I wonder about this guy. He's one of the few guys that looks like he's already got the physical attributes to play right away. I just wonder if he's going keep growing into a tight end. Hope you're right about Ratliff. We just need one big surprise to get us into a reasonable position at receiver.
Still worried about Cooper's academics Hotseat
9 Saturday, 03 July 2010 10:40
Looks like his situation is going to come down to the wire. I hope he makes it in. I still feel very sketchy about our dtackle situation. Even with Rankin inside, it still seems thin and light. Can we please just catch one big break and get a guy that can play right away in there??

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