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Moos & Sterk: Where there's Smoke there's Fire
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 13:10

As we called it back in December, it is now confirmed that Bill Moos is the new Athletic Director at Washington State University.

The week we posted that, we took a lot of heat from a few of the established Coug fan sites, and even had threads on this nugget removed from the message boards on the grounds that was unsubstantiated rumor.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks for sticking up for your journalistic integrity. External link

That, and any other tip we share with you here on, was based on a little bit of visibility that we have with the University and the Athletic Department.  We don't claim to know everything about the program, but suffice to say that we don't carelessly post pure speculation without there being at least a little bit of evidence to support it.  And as it obviously was somewhat speculative, we appropriately identified it as a rumor.

In running a public blog, we need to maintain a balance between sharing this type of information, and protecting our "sources," who unlike a traditional media outlet or fan site, are not public relations directors from the university spewing the company line.

The public courting of Moos was a master stroke by Elson Floyd, one which will have a huge impact to define his administration for the rest of his tenure at WSU.  And for fans of Cougar athletics, it feels like as big a win as any we've had in the last couple of years.

And so today is a day to celebrate.


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Comments (6)
1 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 14:06
This is definitely a great day for WSU and "congrats" on "calling this shot," but seriously..."We told you so???" You are running a blog and you sound like a very insecure 10-year-old with your "article." You should take credit for making the hiring decision and paying Moos' salary while your at it. I have nothing against this blog, but maybe there is a reason the other sites are more "established." Ugh.
Sorry for offending you
2 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 15:29
Ok, I guess the tongue-in-cheek intent of that comment didn't come though. I've edited the article in the hopes of not offending anyone else with your sensibilities. I have nothing against the corporate sites, they have their place as for discussion boards and the nice pieces promoting the same message as the University. And we are full supporters of other blogs like CougCenter and WSU Football Blog. What this author had an issue with is the knee-jerk dismissal of someone outside that circle posting it... only to have their sources give them the same information several weeks or months later.
No apologies necessary...
3 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 18:54
...however, I suppose the "your sensibilities" comment was made "tongue-in-cheek" as well. Nice try. BTW, drives me nuts, just as I'm sure it does you. It is similar to a Nazi regime...if they disagree with your opinion or your comments aren't "warm and fuzzy" enough they will "make it disappear." It is too much and it's almost as if the Athletic Department is running the site. Anyway, congrats again on your hiring of Bill Moos...excellent choice *tongue planted firmly in cheek*.
Jumping in here since this thread is getting interesting now
4 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 19:42
EC Rules
What I think is interesting is the sort of "splitting" of the industry. The fan sites like Cougfan and Cougzone used to be the fringe players that were shunned by traditional media and denied access regularly by the Universities and Athletic Departments. They were very much viewed as rogue entities and that's really just 6-7 years ago. Now the media model has evolved around the web. These fan sites have actually become mouthpieces for the program. AND that is not meant to disparage them in any way. They do play a critical role. If Cougfan didn't exist they would not be submitting half of the film to the Scout recruiting evaluators on our verbal commits. Our class would have probably been half full of 2 star unrated players rather than what it was this year. It's crazy to say but the model has evolved such that they are really important for the perception of the program. That has essentially become their niche. It's obvious that this is also one of the biggest flaws in teh so-called recruiting rating systems for those services. There is so much bias it's not even funny. Nevertheless, you'd be surprised as to why they are like a "Nazi" regime. Greg Witter (founder and owner of Cougfan) is actually a trustee and great Coug but he's very closely tied to the department and their message. Now blogs are the rogue entities that need to be quieted because they aren't always in lockstep with the party line. I'm convinced that objective discourse can be achieved in a fair and legitimate fashion without harming the program. We bleed crimson and gray but we want to see the Cougs competitive and striving for excellence and I think there should be a forum to air that out if it's based on more than just random opinion. That's what we strive for at least and I for one love to see our readers call us out if they don't agree with what's posted like you just did JB.
Not Surprised...
5 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 21:37
. all as to "why they ( are like a 'Nazi Regime'." Members of the Athletic Department are members of the site...players read the boards....prospective recruits read the boards. It's understandable that they "control" comments to a certain degree. However, the "power" has gone to their heads...some people can't handle it. They have lost objectivity to a certain degree and the "censorship" has gotten somewhat silly. It's a great place to obtain/share information but God forbid you mention displeasure with anything Coug-related, lol.
JB you are exactly right
6 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 21:48
It's clear you see the same thing I do with some of those sites. What you are describing is the only reason I'm bringing it up. But I think you're also reading something that isn't there, or at least isn't intended, in the post above. Put yourself in my shoes: to have the most-trafficked fansite of the Cougs publicly discredit our information and actively prevent it from even being posted in fan message board, on the grounds that it is purely unfounded... I think you can imagine why I am taking a bit of pleasure (schadenfreude?) in having been vindicated in that allegation. Maybe I should be the bigger man and leave it alone, but c'mon-- we're still trying to grow an interesting and unique blog here, where we can post something we believe to have some merit and have at least a little credibility behind it. You don't gain this kind of creditability by being humble or polite. You gain it by being right. That said, I also agree with EC, you are right on point for calling me out on it if that's what you see. But I think you may be seeing more than is there-- nobody is trying to take away from what Floyd has done or to take credit for Moos' hiring.

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