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Bill Moos & WSU: Both sides want to dance
Written by EC Rules   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 21:38

Moos Wednesday in Pullman actually arrived on Tuesday evening. Ken Bone had to blow off his weekly radio show as he was having dinner with President Floyd and some other key staffers/coaches. The star of the dinner was of course Mr. Bill Moos.


Grippi tells us External linkwhat we already surmised….that the WSU side of the equation is locked on Bill Moos and he is option 1A, 1B, and 1C.

Moos is the school’s top choice to fill the vacant AD spot, according to numerous athletic department sources.

“Every one here feels like it’s a done deal,” said an athletic department employee, who didn’t want their name used.

Rightfully so, he's got all of the requisite requirements to be a perfect fit for AD at WSU. Grippi also intimates that Moos is also tracking with WSU and looking to move this to the "pay negotiation" phase.

Former University of Oregon athletic director Bill Moos was on the Washington State University campus Tuesday night, as he and the university moved closer to an agreement that would make Moos the next WSU athletic director.

University president Elson S. Floyd told athletic department staffers Monday if the university is interested and Moos is interested, WSU would make a “fair offer” to the former Cougar football player concerning the position vacated when Jim Sterk left for San Diego State University last week.

Now, this is not a done deal. Floyd and Moos still need to come up with compensation that fits and Moos still needs to decide to walk away from 1.4 million dollars. I would think a 5-year/500K a year contract would probably do it. Or a combination of a hefty signing bonus with help from boosters would do the trick. Moos was a 600K/year AD at Oregon and Sterk was a 300K/year AD at WSU so there is a lot of range to cover to get to a price that fits both sides.

Things aren't done yet but they look EXTREMELY positive at the moment. Let's hope Wednesday is a fantastic day in Pullman. Let's also look at this....we happen to play a school by the name of University of Washington in basketball next Saturday. Wouldn't it be a whole heck of a lot of fun to hear Glenn Johnson introduce Bill Moos in the pre-game or at halftime as Washington State's new Athletic Director?

Read full Spokesman article here: Moos in Pullman External link

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Comments (1)
Pay him what he wants
1 Wednesday, 17 February 2010 10:41
If he's the right hire, and he does all the things he's supposed to be able to do, then he'll make back his salary 10 fold for the university. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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