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President Floyd goes all-in
Written by EC Rules   
Monday, 15 February 2010 19:52

Interesting twist today. President Floyd shot an email out to fairly wide base of WSU fans/donors to provide an update on the AD search. It was mostly boilerplate stuff that congratulated Sterk and communicated the urgency with which they are moving to fill the post.


Then things got really interesting. To close the email he dropped this little bomb of information:



"In recent days I have received a number of messages from Cougar supporters indicating an interest in Bill Moos as a candidate for the athletic director position. In light of that sentiment, I have invited him to visit the Pullman campus on Wednesday, February 17. Bill is well known within the Cougar family and in athletic circles across the country. He will meet with the senior leadership of the athletic department Wednesday morning. He will then hold a series of meetings with coaches and athletic staff throughout the day and take part in a public forum with members of the university community from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Room T101 of the Food Sciences and Human Nutrition Building on the Pullman campus.

I believe it is important to bring Bill to campus to allow him to meet with members of the campus community to determine the mutual level of interest going forward."


Now, that's fascinating. What's the strategy here? Is this the most public interview we've ever seen conducted for an AD job?

Our take is doubtful. It looks like one of the two parties needs to be sold on the job. I'm willing to bet it's not the WSU administration or staff. Moos would be walking away from about $1.4M on his buyout and I doubt WSU could match that in full. I'm sure he's got doubts about the will of our fanbase as well. We just went through a very public phase of fundraising for a stadium and our fans came through with 320 club seat deposits and we fell short by about 700 seats to get Phase III built. Yes, we sold out the suites and loge areas but securing just 320 deposits out of over 1,000 club seats when most everyone understands that Phase III is vital to our growth is a very pathetic showing. I'm sure Moos would like to understand how much is on the fans and how much was poor organization within the department.

Then there is the matter of how motivated Moos is to get back into the full-time AD business. We know from our contacts that he's been slow to send in his contract on the role he was going to take to help in the fundraising area for WSU athletics. His parents became somewhat ill and the process with UNLV is said to have sort of served as a reminder of the less enjoyable  aspects of AD work.


Nevertheless, our take is that Moos is interested and this is a big step in the process of helping him to understand whether or not he'll be walking into a unified Athletic Department and University that is really ready to act like it's going to be a true peer to it's Pac-10 brethren or if it remains the compartmentalized and slow to change entity it has been in the past. Sterk did much to change the culture but there is still much to be done.

Let's hope that Pres. Floyd has the troops rallied to recruit our best hope at bringing modern times to WSU's Athletic Department. Bill Moos does represent the possibility of a more dynamic fundraising arm for athletics and even possibly a bigger voice at the Pac-10 table. If we don't land Moos I really am at a loss as to where we would go from there. So….Wednesday is a BIG day for fans of WSU athletics.


Entire letter from President Floyd can be found here: AD Search External link

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