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Who is a possibility to transfer this offseason?
Written by EC Rules   
Saturday, 27 March 2010 14:06

UPDATE (3/27 10:46PM)

Cougfan is reporting that Anthony Brown is out. It's a pay article but you can find details here External link. Also, rampant speculation that X Thames is also on the way out.

Our take: Brown was a no-brainer and it clears up the spot for Aden officially. Losing X (if true) hurts bad and we are now solely dependent on Reggie Moore at the point. Let's choose to remember how phenomenal he was at the start of this last season and not how indifferent he was on defense at the end of the season.


As we enter Year Two of the Ken Bone Experience we are about to see another wave of change. Inevitably, there will be some turnover on the roster as players come to grips with the reality of what Ken Bone is looking for and more importantly the skills he rewards with minutes. Bone alluded to the fact that a few guys were ready to take a look last season and now they might just be ready to take their career in another direction.


There have been whispers of a little discontent from a few players. Probably nothing out of the ordinary when a team struggles for a period of time and adjusts to a new coach and style. Expect to see some movement in the coming weeks as Bone meets with each player individually and they assess whether or not they'll get minutes at WSU. Unless you see a mass exodus this sort of movement should be considered a fairly natural part of the changeover from a defensive minded program to one that is focused on offense.


Let's take a look at each player on the roster and who is more likely to switch jerseys next season.


Anthony Brown

The conversation around transfers begins with Anthony Brown. If Bone really is planning to keep Brown around then burning his redshirt this year was at best poor planning and at worst a shameful use of a year of Brown's career. Brown played 3 minutes this season and he's now lost a full year of eligibility for it. If Brown transfers it sort of comes out in the wash as he'd burn a season anyways waiting to become eligible at his new school. He could have used his redshirt this year but he'd have to burn a year of eligibility at his new school before he could play under that scenario. It all kind of evens out. Heck, it might even be possible that was discussed early with Brown as he didn't even travel on some road trips with the team. I would classify him as a likely transfer possibility unless he's just happy to be a Coug and close to home (his Mom is a Coug grad and lives in Spokane).   


Steven Bjornstad

I believe that Bjornstad stays and that the staff has a plan for him.  He might not be a really solid contributor until he's a Junior but it's reasonable to think he'd be good for 10-15 minutes of time next season if he hits the weights and the gym hard this offseason.


Brock Motum

Word is that Motum's adjustment period to Pullman has been longer than most as he came all the way from Australia. When you combine homesickness along with sparse minutes and some insecurity about how your skills match-up with other players it's easy to see why Motum has transfer potential. Beginning Pac-10 play, I would have pegged him as a guy that was definitely out of here after the season based on what I was seeing and hearing. He just seemed to be uncomfortable across the board. The other potential friction point is that Patrick Simon will likely play a similar role as a hybrid "power" wing in Bone's system.

However, things definitely started to click for him towards the end of the season and he put in his best game against Oregon to close out the year. It would be an absolute shame if we lost him at this point as he could really fit Bone's system well and many people connected to the program think he's going to be a very good player for us possibly as early as next year if he puts on a few pounds. Cross your fingers that Motum is fully adjusted to Pullman now and excited about the possibility of extending the quality play he showed at the end of the season.


Xavier Thames

Another player that we MUST keep in the program. You really could have argued that he was the better point guard the second half of the Pac-10 season for us and therein lies the problem. It all comes down to whether Thames feels like he's going to get a fair shake on minutes with Bone having recruited Reggie Moore and those two playing a similar position. 


Marcus Capers

This comes down to style of play suiting Capers skill set. Capers is not much of a perimeter threat and it would be a surprise if he fixed his jumper in time for next year. He could be at risk for decreased minutes with Faisal Aden coming in next year to play a similar spot. Aden is a guy that closely resembles the type of guard that Bone is looking for to play a more up-tempo style. Capers is the type of kid you like to see stay in the program and provide energy in bursts throughout the course of the game but it would not be shocking to see him move on searching for a more secure spot in a lineup.


Klay, Casto, Reggie, and Watson

None of these guys should be thinking about jumping ship unless there is a serious disconnect with the staff.


Mike Harthun and Charlie Enquist

Both guys sort of fall into the same gray area. They are fringe Pac-10 players that will constantly have to scrap for minutes. Harthun could eventually evolve into a 3 point specialist when you need a boost on offense and Enquist could be a guy that you roll out when facing a big front line. Neither have shown that they are capable of taking big minutes consistently though. So, it will come down to whether they are comfortable with those types of roles or if they'd rather move down a level and be a quality starter for an Eastern Washington type of program.


Abe Lodwick

This is a really tough call. Those around the program know that Lodwick's confidence in his shot was gone by the end of the season. He was asked to play the four which constantly put him in a spot where he was overmatched physically and worn down. His minutes were variable as Nik played more and as Motum emerged. This is a guy that was in a tough spot on the team night in and night out. If you're brutally honest with yourself it's tough to see how he fits with Bone's system. The only problem is that he's a hustle and heart guy. The type that you love to have on your team. It would hurt to see him go but he might do just that if the player and staff think his minutes will further wane next year. He could be a victim of the changeover in coaching staff more than any single player.

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Comments (3)
Thames Out
1 Sunday, 28 March 2010 01:16
Sounds like Thames is out. That blows, we certainly could use him at both the point and 2 guard. Hope we can find a gem this spring or summer like we did with Moore because Thames will be tough to replace.
2 Sunday, 28 March 2010 06:28
Losing Thames hurts. I hope he goes somewhere outside of the Pac-10 as he would be a fit at a place like Oregon State. On the bright side, this does open up a scholarship now and we badly need another big. I wonder if Bone will look to bring in three this class.
Need a guard & a big
3 Sunday, 28 March 2010 18:23
It will be interesting to see if there is any more attrition. I am not surprised by Thames, Harthun, or Brown but I could still see a couple more opting out as well. That's how transitions go.

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