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Hope this happens
Written by Eric Warddrip   
Saturday, 09 January 2010 10:35
. I'm not a Seahawk fan, so I really could care less who they hire. However if they take away Pete Carroll, it would be a good thing for the conference. SC has been so dominant for the last 8 years or so, the conference tends to be viewed as a one trick pony on the national scene. I'm down with anything that disrupts their program. The bigger thing here is the prospect of SC getting some serious sanctions. I tend to agree with Magic that he's bailing because they're about to be exposed for a bunch of violations. The Reggie Bush trial hasn't even begun
and I'm pretty sure that's going to bring some stuff to light that the NCAA has to address. With McKnight leaving too, it's a pretty good indication something is going down there and it's not good for the program. I think the domino effect EC brings up would be an ideal scenario for the Cougs, but if there are pending sanctions - SC might have trouble getting someone really high profile. The rub I guess is their ability to pay someone - maybe they could get someone who's willing to deal with 2 years probation because he'll get paid sick money. I only hope Riley or Sark are those kinds of guys and can be lured by a payday. Regardless, it'll be an interesting week for the conference.

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