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Agree and highlight additional point
Written by Cisco Masias   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 14:53
. Nice post. You alluded to it throughout your post above but the impressive thing about this staff is that everyone is on the same page and they DO NOT let go of a kid once they get a crack at him. The simplest and hardest thing to do in sales is to keep a consistent approach towards a target no matter how long it takes. Wulff and staff do that with each kid never letting
him feel like he is being neglected. Of course we will lose recruits during the process but it won't be because Wulff took his foot off the pedal. Just like in Bennett's basketball model, it will take time to change the mentalities of high school coaches on the WSU football product. But Wulff is doing a solid job so far. Because of that, I will drink a cold one tonight for our football staff. Maybe two.

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