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Future recruiting
Written by Cisco Masias   
Thursday, 12 February 2009 08:53
. This has been discussed internally with The Core but I want to reiterate that Wulff needs to OWN the Eastside. Any kids East of the mountains that are D-1 caliber need to be at WSU. Once that is established (and I think Wulff is strong in this area) then we have to pick and choose our kids in the Westside. Wulff had an easier time this year due to UW
being so down and sketchy. Sark-ass will be all over every kid and I expect a solid number will commit. The faith I have, though, is that once Wulff and his team identify a player they really want they do not waver on going after him. Plus Wulff understands that the flashy-types are going to WSU generally. The Lakes recruits are a big area next year. Hopefully it will not be a domino effect to UW.

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