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Go Cougs!

Go Cougs!

 "Go Cougs" is a phrase you can't escape in the greater Eastern Washington region.   It's a univerversal phrase spoken from one Washignton State Cougar fan or alumni to another, which sums up a myriad of statements with these two words.  

It's never "Go Cougars" or "Go WSU," these phrases lack the same meaning.  No, "Go Cougs" is the phrase that transcends generations of WSU Cougar fans, and has a meaning all its own.

In fact, the phrase is so well-known, that it's not uncommon to hear it uttered in the stragest of places.  

For example, suppose a group of WSU alumni was touring some monument or museum in Europe and observed someone in another party wearing Crimson and Grey.  No doubt, the salutation-- whether uttered with a handshake and a smile, in line at an attraction, or shouted from across a parking lot-- would be "Go Cougs!"  The call would be instantly recognizable for both groups and they'd no doubt acknowledge the bond that they share through their affiliation with WSU.

So what is really being said when this phrase is uttered?  Here is a list of the meanings that this well-known phrase carries with it:

 - "Here's hoping the team will win their next game."

- "Regardless of how good or bad the team is, I'll be a fan."

- "We share a common bond by having both attended WSU" 

- "You and I both know that being a WSU Cougar is bigger than wins and losses." 

- "Cougar Pride runs through my veins"

Yes, these definitions sound a little corny.  But that's the very reason that nobody is speaking those phrases-- instead, it's much easier to just shout "Go Cougs!"




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