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21. Maybe a Stretch EC
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... what it takes to improve on our own rather than worry about what anyone else is doing. Another angle is if OSU and WSU both had been down the past ten years, instead of Pac10 expansion talk, we would ...
Sunday, 11 April 2010
22. Delusional
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... very, very talented individuals and can carry this team a long ways. Yes, we lose Canfield, but our projected starter (Katz) has been in the system for two years now (this will be his third) and he's ...
Saturday, 10 April 2010
23. Spring Mid-Term Report Card: WSU Football
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... and in a big way for this team come September.   JC Tackles- The struggles of the oline have continued in the Spring but not to the extent of the past two years. Much is attributable to new schemes ...
Friday, 09 April 2010
24. To each its own
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... major attitudes and the posts frequently spiral down to inside jokes and/or personal attacks from anger that stems from years of arguing with the same posters for years. ...
Thursday, 08 April 2010
25. Cougzone
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.Cougzone actually had a really good recruiting guy 3-4 years ago. Tragically, he died at a very young age. They haven't really found a "local" recruiting guy to replace him although the national guys ...
Wednesday, 07 April 2010
26. Did we pass the WSU karma to Oregon State?
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... has been going on in Pullman the past two years.   Injuries? Check. Just this week their starting left tackle went down with a knee injury. Likely out the rest of the Spring. He was a 13 game starter ...
Saturday, 03 April 2010
27. Funny that you should say that...
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.Your point around depth is spot on. I was contemplating that as I was writing the article. What is it going to take to have players comfortable with 17-20 minutes a game for the first couple of years ...
Monday, 29 March 2010
28. Early Spring Practice Insights
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... took one day to see one of them move over. Justin was absent and Nolan Washington took most reps with the 1's. Let's hope he holds that spot for the next four years. A Simmons and Washington combo with ...
Friday, 26 March 2010
29. Offense
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... may be for another post but Sturdy needs to show up this year and adjust the frickin' offense to his talent. Two years of "we just don't have the talent" excuses on why our offense is stagnant will not ...
Friday, 26 March 2010
30. The list is endless
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.I can't really think of a single dtackle that came in and did more than play average those first couple of years of eligibility at WSU. We just simply don't get those sorts of players. We have to build ...
Sunday, 21 March 2010
31. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Defensive Backs
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... Atofau, Nolan Washington, Anthony Carpenter, and Casey Locker for years now and we've never seen them play a single down of college football. The expectations placed on these guys coming into their redshirt ...
Saturday, 20 March 2010
32. Clayton and Spitz at 290+?
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... the possibilities as opposed to the last couple of years, right?? Buckley feels a lot like Joseph Townsend to me. I'll believe he's actually on the roster and eligible to play when I see it. I hope ...
Saturday, 20 March 2010
33. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Linebackers
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... read about: That Louis Bland won't be ready until Fall camp. Bland has now missed more time than he's played over the past two years. He's going to miss this Spring as well. He's supposedly on track to ...
Friday, 19 March 2010
34. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Offensive Line
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
Our offensive line the past two years has been the worst in the country among all teams in BCS conferences. Last year alone the oline gave up 53 sacks. Think about that for a second. In the past two years, ...
Saturday, 13 March 2010
35. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Tight End's
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
When was the last time we had a game breaking tight end? For one reason or another it's been hard to keep our tight ends healthy over the past several years. This year represents an interesting mix of ...
Thursday, 11 March 2010
36. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Quarterbacks
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... from Tuel and Halliday in years. If you can protect Halliday's redshirt then the quarterback position will be in fabulous shape for the next five years with Tuel's three seasons and then two more from ...
Tuesday, 09 March 2010
37. The Unfiltered Truth- WSU Wide Receivers
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... years. They have the potential to be breakout players for us this coming season if they've worked hard since Apple Cup. It will be important to monitor how they progress over the Spring.   What you ...
Friday, 05 March 2010
... by the Universities and Athletic Departments. They were very much viewed as rogue entities and that's really just 6-7 years ago. Now the media model has evolved around the web. These fan sites have actually ...
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
... have a huge impact to define his administration for the rest of his tenure at WSU.  And for fans of Cougar athletics, it feels like as big a win as any we've had in the last couple of years. And so today ...
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
40. The Story of the Cougar Shark Attack
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... We'd see it at timeouts, it was a sort of dance at times and best of all we were seeing the crowd and the team in unison with it.   Fast forward several years. I'm in college at WSU now and the Cougar ...
Sunday, 21 February 2010
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