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... are scheduled to host you guys. You wouldn't have to adjust your home schedule until 2013. It might just be a two year contract to see how this goes. You think Oregon would have trouble filling one slot ...
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
2. Did you read the post?
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... in Pullman. YOU ONLY GET PAID ABOUT 300K A GAME WHEN YOU PLAY AT MARTIN. Is it clicking in now? Scheduling works in two phases. Long term contracts and then near term gap filling. For instance, we have ...
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
... with their current contract. Washington State pulled in 6.3 million dollars in 2009. Indiana University of the Big Ten pulled in 20 million dollars because they split revenue equally and becasue the Big Ten ...
Saturday, 19 June 2010
... pretty locked in to that contract. Again, like we told you….there is a very small chance for 2011 movement but the most likely scenario is 2012. If the Red River Shootout thing doesn't line up for some ...
Thursday, 17 June 2010
5. Apparently we'll make it a 12 pack
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... championship game.   How will revenue sharing work in the new conference and with the new TV contract? Larry Scott would not bend on Texas demands to have an outsize share of the pot. What will the ...
Monday, 14 June 2010
6. Is WSU baseball built to last?
(Cougar Blog/WSU Recruiting)
... over a pro contract with their draft status profiling in the first four to five rounds. Additionally, you've got 11 of the 24 that are college players. That leaves you exactly ten players that fit the ...
Tuesday, 08 June 2010
... to Pullman any time soon but even if we take just $500K of that payout and offer it up as part of a home and home contract you are immediately in the conversation with middle class schools at other BCS ...
Sunday, 30 May 2010
8. Genius stroke or sheer stupidity?
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... interpret as airtight that would require him to pay back an egregious amount of money. It's impossible to say what level of risk is there without specifics on the contract but it makes me nervous. If ...
Friday, 19 February 2010
9. Bill Moos & WSU: Both sides want to dance
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... compensation that fits and Moos still needs to decide to walk away from 1.4 million dollars. I would think a 5-year/500K a year contract would probably do it. Or a combination of a hefty signing bonus ...
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
10. President Floyd goes all-in
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... of how motivated Moos is to get back into the full-time AD business. We know from our contacts that he's been slow to send in his contract on the role he was going to take to help in the fundraising area ...
Monday, 15 February 2010
11. The Story on Sterk
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... made that objection go away. There is significant lack of clarity around what Bill Moos is going to do in the department. In fact, he hasn't actually signed his employment contract yet because he's been ...
Saturday, 13 February 2010
12. How to Fix the Pac-10
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... of $322 million over ten years. That works out to $32 million a year for the conference and about $3.7 million per year for each school. If you add in the basketball contract it works out to another $500K ...
Wednesday, 10 February 2010
13. What does our new oline coach need to be?
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... and left the UW job as offensive coordinator. I would advocate giving him a three year contract at 250K annually if he would come for that. He would be our Chris Ball on offense. I still don't think WSU ...
Thursday, 31 December 2009
14. WSU Rumors Update!
(Cougar Blog/WSU Football)
... it appears that Moos is close to finalizing a contract with WSU. It does not appear that it is for the AD job because that would eliminate his non-compete with Oregon. However, it does appear that he is ...
Thursday, 17 December 2009
15. No offense taken
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... could be in the works. It might not be moving Sterk out but it seems like there is growing inertia for some internal change at the moment. Appreciate the feedback on the contract! We'll also remind ...
Tuesday, 15 December 2009
16. Sterk's Contract
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.Sterk's original contract was good through 2006. He signed a 5 year extension, so it is valid through 2011. I believe there's a copy of it online. No offense, but if Sterk's contract were up in 1 ...
Tuesday, 15 December 2009
17. Moos and Sterk status
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... of 2004. That would put his contract at having expired already. I haven't seen anything else on him since then. It does raise a lot of questions about his contract status overall right now. On Moos, ...
Tuesday, 15 December 2009
18. Sterk
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.I thought Sterk's contract was up at the end of 2011? If his contract is truly up at the end of the month I would think he is gone. Also, I believe Moos has a clause in his buyout from Oregon that he ...
Tuesday, 15 December 2009
19. Nice analysis.
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
.Two other things: 1) You touched on this, but there's no guarantee Locker sees a SECOND contract, so he's got to think about maximizing his first one. 2) If he's drafted this year, it will be based ...
Sunday, 13 December 2009
20. Thanks for the reasoned response Rainier!
(Comments/Unsorted comments)
... by taking QB's from 1981 and the supplemental draft and then force an artificial stop point on the data. I totally understand Millen's thinking in valuing the second contract. The problem is that the ...
Saturday, 12 December 2009
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