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THE FOOTBALL FACILITY: "Build It, and They Will Come"
Written by Zzu Coug   
Monday, 24 January 2011 23:18
. I know a few of you will shoot me for stating the obvious, but let's face it, most of our skill position players come from California and southern states (This is not dissin' many fine NW players, but is a reality that we need to be able to cast our recruiting net beyond our backyard to take us back to the promiseland again.) I always loved Pullman for its clear cold days in the Fall and Winter, but my whimpy pals from So-Cal were real Pu$$ie$ at WSU. My guess is that anything that will enhance some extended indoor workouts will win over some players who are otherwise afraid
risk cold weather. Teams like Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska and Notre Dame have great indoor facilties, and are able to routinely beat out teams from the Big 12 and ACC teams for blue chip players because of their practice facilities alone. I have toured such facilities at these schools in person, and you don't see many in the Pac-10, except maybe Oregon, who are on that level. Even Oregon State has a decent football facility, which has brought them out of the Pac-10 basement. Let's build the Football Facility!!! I will kick in $10K, which is chump change, but it only takes 2,000 guys like me, and we pay off a $20 million section of the facility in cash. Then a few of our big guns can put us over the top.

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