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The Gesser
Written by Chris Radice   
Saturday, 18 September 2010 23:36
. Mr Moos, I am a long time coug fan who has had enough. There are so many issues I am not sure where to start. So how about the top. Paul Wulf must go. After todays loss he described it as positive in a few areas because of the 21 points. Look I am a realist, and don't expect the Cougs to go to the Rose Bowl every year, the fact is is that a bowl game every 3-4 years is fine with me. We should at least be competitive in most games, and pull off a few upsets. I can almost guarantee that the cougs will not win another game this year. We are, in a nut shell, the worst bcs program in the country. Our coach in his first press conference said he would not recruit jc guys he felt like he could build the program without these very important players, if i was to put together a list of jc guys the cougs have had in their lst 25 years it would be some of our best players. He has since changed his mind on this stance but the message was sent, and the implications are basically killing our chances to be competitive. He has basically built a team with players and a scheme that fit at eastern, well we both know that just wont fly in the pac 10. He is getting out coached every week, and his players still don't know the play book. Look he is a nice guy
and I wish him all the luck in the world at his next job. I also understand that injuries etc.. have effected this team in an alarming fashion, yet i am a bottom line guy, he is in charge and we are so bad that we have become irrelevant. I actually watch old games and read old articles just to remind myself of how it was, and can be again. The only thing that makes it somewhat tolerable is that the Huskies are also bad, but we all know that won't last. I would also like to discuss the uniforms. When we won 30 gamws in 3 years I loved our kits. Solid white or crimson with the stripe, I also love the 2 helmets please go back to those and stay with them. Why do we have to change? At least go back and watch one of our old games. Do you know that when the Guesser led teams broke the huddle they said pac 10 champs and clapped. He is such a great cougar just go back and watch the 2002 ucla game against the bruins, if he played for the trojans the heisman would have been his. He is the answer as the coach. It's going to take some thinking from outside the box but please just think about this scenario. Hire an older coach to be his mentor for 2-5 years mayne even Mike Price, he could coach the quaterbacks then offensive coordinator, finally Head Coach. He is the kind of loyal coug that won't leave if he has success. We need him, and I'll bet he needs us. I used to watch him closley when he played and he was always waliking up and down the sidelines coaching the other players. Most quarterbacks put a towel over there heads when they are not on the field.Can you imagine him in a room with parents and players selling wsu. He never lost in high school, was not heavly recruited, and was pac 10 player of the year, the perfect coug, and for me one of our true greats.

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