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Clearly, there is no ability to reason with you
Written by EC Rules   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 17:31
. I feel like I've actually gotten dumber conversing with you Stan. If you actually read the article with any care you would have seen that the most likely target is 2012 and that is actually when we are scheduled to host you guys. You wouldn't have to adjust your home schedule until 2013. It might just be a two year contract to see how this goes. You
think Oregon would have trouble filling one slot in 2013? Clearly, you are blinded with emotion and unable to actually reason through this but even you has to see that wouldn't be a huge issue. Finally, you just got done telling us that we blow and that there is no rivalry and then you turn around and say that you don't want to give up home field advantage to play us? That's called circular logic Stan.

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