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Oregon will NEVER give up a home game to play in Seattle
Written by Stan Marsh   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 16:03
. Anyone who thinks so is stupid or just plain crazy, period. Oregon's 2011 schedule would have SEVEN ROAD GAMES. Do you comprehend that? What exactly is it that is just so hard for you to understand here? You seem to think Oregon can just replace the lost game at Qwest with a home opponent every year. THAT is what is asinine. It's obviousy why WSU would want to leave Pullman,
but for Oregon to skip a game at Autzen, one of THE very best home field advantages in the entire nation?!? Not a chance. Not one iota. This is why it is ridiculous for you to continue espousing this idea. Again, if WSU plays THEIR home game in Seattle? Great. Good for both teams. Otherwise, you really need to get off this stinking dead horse. Go post this on some other boards. You will get your ass laughed off.

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