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Did you read the post?
Written by EC Rules   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 13:56
. The creative solution is in the five points I make in response to your rants. Go read them. If you look at the money on a two year basis then it more than makes up for ONE home game and road game in Pullman. YOU ONLY GET PAID ABOUT 300K A GAME WHEN YOU PLAY AT MARTIN. Is it clicking in now? Scheduling works in two phases. Long term contracts and then near term gap filling. For instance, we have had a home and home with UNLV on the books for years now. We only scheduled a home and home with SMU at the last minute. Scheduling changes to assure continuity in your annual schedule
happen ALL THE TIME. To say that you book a schedule for a given season and then don't touch it for years is asinine. I appreciate the pathetic attempt at disparaging WSU once again around the rivalry. I would just say this. Rivalries are built over the long term and you can have more than one. It really is OK. I don't care nearly as much about Oregon as I do UW or Oregon State but I'm more than happy to say that a game with the Ducks means more than ASU or UofA. A lack of vision is the guy that sits back and thinks that WSU v. UO can't grow into a meaningful and really entertaining NATIONAL game if you invest in the experience as partners. I'm sure some clown in Florida was saying the same thing and probably still is about Georgia.

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