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Written by Iceman   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 13:43
. Few posts from Duck lovers on this thread have yielded logical arguments as to why this would not make sense. Moos has no wand other than a love of WSU and in-depth knowledge of the Oregon athletic department. One poster outlined that we are wearing Crimson-colored glasses. As much as it is entertaining to banter with Duck fans (we did the same with Beaver fans a little while
back), please note that this is a Coug website. So OF COURSE the "bias" will be Coug-based. Feel free to keep dropping playground tantrums on this site but I would maybe target your Ducky boards for that. Okay, enough pettiness. Back on topic....this move makes a lot of sense and I hope it happens! I am excited about the creativity that Moos is bringing to the school. It's about time we try different avenues.

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