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In other words you can't answer any of the questions
Written by Stan Marsh   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 13:39
. "There is a creative solution here" but you can't give one. What is Bill Moos going to do to make up for 20k ticket sales and all of the other money generated by a home game, wave his magic wand? Do you REALLY think Oregon/WSU is going to get a National TV broadcast? You keep mentioning the Cocktail Party and RRS, as if those 2 contests would be ANYTHING like Oregon/WSU. The sentiment is a joke. UGA/UF and OU/UT are 4 of the biggest, oldest and most successful teams and rivalries in all of college football(not to mention the markets). Nobody gives a rats ass about Oregon vs WSU except WSU. Your suggestion that Oregon can just up and add another home game like scheduling is no
big deal is just plain ignorant. Schedules are set years in advance. Home and homes don't always happen in back to back years. There is ZERO way to guarantee that Oregon wouldn't lose a home game. What if that happens during Oregon's 4 home 5 away conference schedule? That becomes 3-6. What if Oregon already has 1 OOC game scheduled on the road? Now we're talking 5 home games and 7 road games?? I'm sure your response will involve Oregon dropping or rescheduling. Again, all that to lose money and lose a home game just to play WSU in Seattle? The concept is LAUGHABLE. WSU is in the position of financial and recruiting weakness, not Oregon. Oregon has next to zero reason to do this, and TONS of reasons not to. The sooner you grasp this, the sooner you will stop looking like an idiot. Now if WSU gives up THEIR home game to play at Qwest, then sign us up. Otherwise, just stop with this nonsense.

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