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Written by EC Rules   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 06:45
. I understand the emotional response but you need to take a breath and think about the scenario. If you put on an Oregon hat and actually choose to look at this objectively here is how it could and should play out as a win-win for both schools. 1) Money. Do you think that Bill Moos knows how much money you all make on a football home weekend? I'm pretty sure Moos was a Duck Athletic Director for more than a decade. Would he put a package together and expect an Oregon AD to agree to anything that wouldn't be a significant increase? Relax. I doubt you'd screw yourselves and everyone gets the value of a home Oregon weekend. The key is looking at the two year revenue mix. Home and away revenue. You only get about 300K when you visit Pullman. So, even the most generous estimates (like your guy above) put that at 3.5 million over two years to play us. What if the deal was 5 million to Oregon over two years? You still make a crapload of money. No one knows what the deal terms would be and all the things you list are obviously going to have to be considered. But to say that it's not doable because your one home weekend every two years would outweigh two years at a sold-out Qwest is ludicrous. Wait until the money details come out. I doubt that Oregon or WSU AD's would cut a bad deal for their school. 2) Giving up home field. So, what is it. Just about every single Duck on this thread has felt it necessary to disparage WSU's program. Why the need for home field then? Wouldn't it make sense to use the game as a platform to expand market reach similar to what Notre Dame is doing with their neutral site games? I've always said this is more like The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail
Party (Florida v. Georgia) in which it's a getting together of geographical rivals. You undervalue the incredible atmosphere of 75K people split 50/50 in a game would make. It might just make for a lot of fun for fans every year on both sides of the fence. 3) Giving up a home game. Where is it said that Oregon would have one fewer home game? WSU has to overcome the same situation with it's local constiutents and they are in a much worse position because their operating budget it lower than Oregon's. If you move this to neutral site every year you simply take that money and spend it on either a bodybag game you play at Autzen every year or spend it on a home/home with a marquee school. There is nothing that says both schools can't just schedule an additional home game out of conference when the Pac-10 rotation has you short one home game. I'm assuming that it's not about playing WSU at Autzen as you all clearly think the status of our team renders that unnecessary to win. 4) Season ticket holders will be ticked. Again, same answer as above. If you have the same amount of home games and sub out WSU for Texas A&M what is there to be upset about? What if Oregon negotiated preferred seating for their season tickets holders up at Qwest? There is a creative solution and to dismiss it out of hand is just reacting emotionally. 5) Oregon OR WSU footprint in Seattle. Like it or not, Seattle is the single most important city in the Northwest. It holds the bulk of our schools alumni and many influential givers. You underestimate the value of presence there. Just look at your own alumni association in King County. It's also the single most important recruiting area in the Northwest. How many players from King/Pierce/Snohomish County are you recruiting this year? It would only take ONE game of those kids standing on the Duck sidelines watching that sort of neutral site game in their backyard to understand that they could play one game a season in their own backyard and not feel like the enemy. Obviously, there is ground to cover but your responses are either ill informed or rash. There is a creative solution here that satisfies the needs of both schools and alumni. We don't have to be hated rivals to make it work. Going to a football can be fun without having to hate the people wearing the colors of the other school. It could be a giant party all weekend that both alumni bases enjoy. I know I have plenty of Duck friends that I wouldn't need to fight to enjoy drinking with.

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