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games at Qwest
Written by deep duck   
Monday, 21 June 2010 19:55
. as EC Rules (the author & also poster #4) says, then Wazzou should consider poster #15's comments. No doubt that it would be an economic boost for the Cougs if they played THEIR annual home game against the UofO one year & OSU the next at Qwest. That MIGHT be doable, however Oregon giving up their home game against WSU doesn't compute. One, the UofO doesn't care about taking over Seattle, lol. Two, (since it's all about the benjamins) this is no Red River Shootout, there is NO rivalry here. Three, (siaatb) did you consider the response of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce? Aside from #15's game revenue
estimates, what about the local hotel/motels, eateries, bars, car rental agencies, taxi cabs, grocers, bus lines, parking lots, etc. I'm sure they'll be thrilled with this idea. If this is seen as a panacea for WAZZOU, then they should consider moving their annual home game each year, although the beevs might consider this annual plan, I wouldn't know. Just don't tell the local Pullman CoC. This idea is not a win/win for Eugene & the UofO. EC Rules has painted a crimson colored vision from a very one sided/slanted view, & there's nothing wrong with that. However, enriching the Seattle economy every other year at the expense of a Duck home game is not a good idea. I am a Duck alum, but I do not live in either state, & have no personal economic interest, as in full disclosure.

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