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Written by Zelig   
Monday, 21 June 2010 15:28
. Sorry, this idea makes no sense for the Ducks. When you add up all the revenue produced by a game at Autzen...ticket revenue, parking revenue, concessions, advertising, etc., it comes out to $4-5 million gross per event. UO pays out a guarantee of $250-500k for the visiting team, nothing for facilities rentals, and then after deducting operating expenses, nets about $3 million per game. This figure doesn't even include DAF contributions. So a guarantee of $1m per
year would be loss of income for the Ducks. A plausible idea is for the Cougs to stage their "event" at Quest every year vs. Oregon or OSU, whichever team is traveling to WSU that year. Allocate some number of tickets to the visiting school (30k-40k when the Ducks visit, 5k-10k when you entertain Bevur Nashun) to help the Cougs fill the stadium and create atmosphere. The rest of the activities, beer drinking and fight song competitions in pubs, etc. will certainly occur spontaneously.

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