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Who is the last recruit you've been this excited about?
Written by OpenToClose   
Monday, 10 May 2010 09:23
. Everyone is all about C.J. Mizell. I'm the same way. Is it because he was a totally under the radar guy? I have to say, the last time there has been this much interest for a recruit it was probably Michael Bumpus. He arrived the same way....under the radar, signing day guy. With the way this staff believes in redshirts and the depth we have at outside linebacker, I just have a tough time seeing how Mizell gets onto the field. Although, I could be saying something completely different by week 2 in August. They moved Bland inside already and it looks like they are pushing Kaufusi to a dend hybrid. Looks like there is a crack for Mizell to push through if he is as advertised. All we'd really need to see is one or two injuries out there and he's going to be in the two-deep if the hype matches the skill. I'm also now officially worried about Louis Bland. I'm starting to wonder if this
is going to be a Mark Hedeen (yeah, that's right....I just referenced Mark Hedeen) situation where he just won't be able to stay healthy enough to stay on the field. I would love to see him get a redshirt year if that's humanly possible. Let that knee heal up proper and give him a chance to get to about 225-230 so he has a better chance of holding up over the season. BornCoug, I'm willing to bet money that Kristoff Williams is going to be referenced early and often as one of the "surprises" of Fall camp. Kid just looks physically ready to play and is aggressive. I think he's going to look good in practice as well against our defense which is still slightly undersized and youthful. I think you're right about Toni Pole but only if we sustain an injury at dtackle. I think the staff likes a rotation of Wolfgramm, Rankin, Clayton, and Laurenzi....then you possibly have Hoffart taking a few turns down there as well. I would think injury would be the only way Bucannon sees the field this year as well. We are totally stacked at safety. I have higher hopes for Wilson than Mylton Wynn (nice pull on his name by the way). I'm hoping we are looking at a ceiling of Nian Taylor or Devard Darling by the time he's a Junior/Senior.

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