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You can root for all facets
Written by Iceman   
Monday, 12 April 2010 21:21
. Including OSU losing players and getting pulled back to the pack. The Cougs have no where to go but up...obviously. So why not root for other schools to be worse? If you don't think the same thing then you are playing to the crowds with your answer. Be honest. Your Beavies were atrocious in the 90's....29 wins. That incudes Riley for two years and the first year of
Erickson. The Cougs in that same time frame....50 wins. Now for the 2000's....Beavs, 80 wins. Cougs, 57. My point? All this is cyclical and it will all turn around. But don't think for a moment that when the Cougs are back I will be jumping on a Beavie board talking smack about the lack of compeition and such. Just simmer down and go back to enjoying your nice little football run. Because it will turn fast.

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