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Instead of rooting for the competition to come down...
Written by jaydub   
Monday, 12 April 2010 19:53
. Why not root for the Cougars to come up in a strong conference? Every team has its ups and downs, however rooting for another's failure is the cheap and easy way. Unless, of course, it's Oregon. Lots of teams have come back from oblivion, OSU probably the most prominent among them. Northwestern. Kansas State. Arizona. Cal. UW is doing so as we speak. The common ingredients were the right coach,
a commitment from the University, raising the giving expectations among fans and patience. Perhaps rather than "hating" OSU, Wazzu should look at what has happened there as a template for how to rebuild things in Pullman. While it can be argued that the Cougs are as bad as OSU ever was, the Beavers essentially lost an entire generation but managed to come back. It takes time and hard work. Rooting for a lower bar or a weaker competitor is the chicken-sh1t way to go.

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