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Written by jaydub   
Monday, 12 April 2010 19:43
. But really, when a Cougar fan roots for the rest of the conference to come down to their level so it will be easier for them to close the gap, that's pretty short-sighted, isn't it? Right now, the best thing the Cougs have going for them is that they play in a premier conference. If the Pac-10 is diminished, how is that good for the Cougars? It's the easy way, but not the right way, to improve
in the conference. The better way? It starts with the right coach. The next step is a major commitment from fans. They need to write checks. Finally it takes time. It's a thin line between 4-7 and 7-4, but it takes patience from fans and maturity on the roster to make the difference. Arizona did it. OSU did it. Cal did it. UW is doing it. And all of them did it without reducing themselves to hoping that the conference would come DOWN to their level.

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