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Now this is good....
Written by EC Rules   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 21:56
. ....thanks LO Coug. You're offering up the very reasonable counter argument regarding competition. The rising tide of competition lifts all boats school of thought versus you're failure will likely lead to my success school of thought. Both are very valid lines of thinking and plenty of examples exist to support both. You cite the Oregon schools which is great. I could cite any of the dominant mid-major's (Gonzaga/Boise State) that have elevated themselves. I will just say this. You would be very hard pressed in to go back through the entire history of the Pac-10 and
find a scenario where all four Northwest schools are achieving at a high level at the same time. Part of it is market dynamics and the fact that the odds are slim given the competition from the southern Pac-10 schools.....but just as big is the fact that we have the most distributed population base to split up among four schools and the weaker recruiting base in comparison to California and Arizona. In other words, I agree that competition is good. We just aren't competitive quite yet and the large majority of change in that has to come from us.....but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit come from our foes.

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