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Maybe a Stretch EC
Written by Lake Oswego Coug   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 12:46
. Living in the world of webbed feet and flat tails, I often get subjected to more information than I really want on the two Oregon programs. I do expect significant improvement from the Cougs this year, but I'm not sure if we will see three wins. It's that time of the year and hope springs eternal. I am personally more encouraged by the Moos hire than almost anything currently going on with the football team. He may be able to spark the donor base and get the next phase of the stadium upgrade done as bobm suggests. He did well at UO. Where I disagree with you EC is that from down here, I don't see OSU taking much of a step back. Maybe in win loss record, because they have a tougher non conference schedule, but not in ability. Riley does a wonderful job at evaluating talent, and it looks to me like the young guys they have coming in are far better than what he has
had to work with in the past. The team speed on defense looks to be much improved. I could see Oregon taking a step back this year with the mess that place has become. That program is like a leaning tower with a bad foundation. Just wonder if it's a matter of time the whole thing tips over. Duck QB loss is far greater than the Beav QB loss in my mind. Anyway, go Cougs, and as a current resident of Oregon I can muster up a go Beavs too. Unlike you EC I will pull for OSU when they are not playing us. Although I understand your theory about them slipping being good for us, I don't totally agree with it. I don't think OSU would be as good as they are now, if Oregon hadn't improved. We are far better served doing what it takes to improve on our own rather than worry about what anyone else is doing. Another angle is if OSU and WSU both had been down the past ten years, instead of Pac10 expansion talk, we would be hearing a lot of replace OSU and WSU with fill in the blank talk. When we have some degree of football strength in the Northwest (even if it's in Oregon) the SC's and UCLA's can't complain too much about making the trip up here to pound on us for little financial incentive.

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