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I was wondering
Written by EC Rules   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 10:48
. .....when Beaver fanboys were going to find this article and start spewing silliness. I love the apparently prevailing belief among Beaver fan is that they won't take a step back from last year. They won eight games last year. This year they are replacing an All Pac-10 QB, their top two tacklers, and they play on the road at TCU and Boise State. Then they get Louisville at home. Yet, that is apparently the recipe for nine wins next season. Then you add in the fact that they've had two starters leave in bizarre fashion....yes, bizarre....because it's not typical for a college football player to have a wife and two kids in a different city and opt to give up school/football to move back to them. It's not typical for a college player to opt for the military over a full-ride football scholarship. Don't try
to paint this as some sort of family or military thing. It's simply unusual attrition. Even a person with basic reading comprehension understood that. Then you add in unfortunate injuries that are keeping key linemen out of Spring practice and you start to see an accumulation of things and none are really positive. The point of the article wasn't to state that WSU had somehow magically passed the Beavers. It was simply meant to hit on the fact that WSU needs to catch breaks within our program (progression) and catch breaks with our competitors (regression). Addressing the comment on TV. Think about it for a second.....please. Yes, Oregon State takes TV time slots. We have a crappy deal that doesn't put all Pac-10 games on TV. So, the nature of Oregon State being good makes it far more likely that they will be pulled for TV before us. Again, read the paragraph. It's illustrating why you are our nearest competitor and why you're success siphons it away from us in many instances. It's not rocket science. I get why this article would annoy a Beaver fanboy.....more often than not the truth hurts the most.

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