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Think Lakes
Written by BornCoug   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 18:18
. Totally agree and among others the Lakes players (Potoae, Kearse, etc.) last year come to mind. WSU had absolutely no chance other than a mention or two in an early article. Wasn't there even at least one article mentioning Heaps and/or Scroggins? Then the many board posts follow hoping upon hope that we are in on these kids when we really do not have a chance. Wulff is going about things the right way with recruiting. Offer the Heaps or Scroggins of the year knowing they are probably out of reach
all the while concentrating on a Conner Halliday. Then if a CJ Mizell falls in your lap you snap him up quietly just like what was done with Bumpus. We cannot ignore great talent as long as it isn't of the Randy Estes variety. The net has to be a lot bigger at WSU. On another note, WSU picked up a dline player named Xavier Cooper. He's a bit of a qualifying risk but he could very easily be the most athletic d-tackle prospect they have picked up the last 3 years. He is going to have to get stronger but he looks pretty impressive in camp video.

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