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ASU competition
Written by EC Rules   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 12:24
. Funny about ASU right? My sense is that they came in late on several of these guys. Honestly, if there was a school that was looking at our prospect list on a Scout or something and then trying to poach it was ASU this year. It was odd that ASU would pop into the conversation shortly after word of WSU's interest hit the interweb. It seemed like that was definitely Cal last year. It's odd though since Wulff views Erickson as sort of a mentor and friend. The other part
is that some of these guys were fallback options for ASU. So, it's not like it was a true head-to-head match-up like we had for Scott Crichton with Oregon State or something like that. That's the case for a few of them. For a couple of others we flat beat them straight-up with our pitch. Take those comps with a grain of salt. That's best case scenario and would be like banking on winning a bet every time if you're odds were 10% In other words, if one of those guys maxes out his comp then we should probably consider that successful. We can always dream though, right?

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