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Moos and Sterk status
Written by Jerret West   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 12:33
. Jon, you raise some really good questions and I did some research on both of their situations. The ONLY documentation I can find on Sterk is that he signed a five-year extension in middle January of 2004. That would put his contract at having expired already. I haven't seen anything else on him since then. It does raise a lot of questions about his contract status overall right now. On Moos, it appears that his non-compete was for ten years and was for 1.85 million. The key is language around being paid over ten years. Which indicates that it's not lump sum but he gets paid a certain amount at key time markers. It also indicates that the contract precludes him
from an AD job at a BCS school. I wonder if would disqualify him from a different role in an Athletic Department. Regardless, if WSU wants Moos as AD they probably need to compensate him for money he forfeits with UO. He signed that non-compete early in 2007 so that is roughly 1.3 million he is still owed. If you signed Moos to a five year contract worth that amount it would work out for everyone. He'd get paid what he is owed by UO and work for us. It all comes down to whether he wants to be an AD again or just sit back and earn cash watching games. Make no mistake, the contracts and dollars SEEM to line up for a potential change. It will be interesting to see what happens following whatever announcement they make on December 18th around the Martin Stadium remodel......

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